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Jump Start Signature Loan
It’s your first loan! Borrowing a small amount and paying it back with on-time payments is a great way to build your credit!


We all start somewhere—and the $1,000 Jump Start Loan is a great way to lay the foundation for your financial future! Borrow $1,000, pay it back with on-time payments each month, and start building your credit history the right way!

Borrow $1,000

This small loan is perfect for paying for college books, putting a deposit on an apartment, or just keeping in savings for a rainy day.

Fixed Rate

A fixed annual percentage rate, the amount you pay for your loan over time, means your monthly payments will stay about the same. No surprises!

Terms Up To 12 months

Build your credit history in a year or less with a not-too-long, not-too-short 12-month term (the amount of time you have to pay back the loan).

No Cosigner REquired

Cosigners are parties who agree to accept financially responsibility for the loan with you. It’s a common requirement for those with no credit history—and it’s not required for a Jump Start Loan!


Having good credit opens doors at every stage of life! From getting approved for a car or a home to even getting a job. Make sure you’re credit conscious!

Pay on time

Make your payments by the due date every month for an easy credit boost.

Limit borrowing

Keep that debt-to-income ratio (how much you owe compared to how much you make) below 35%.

Don't close accounts

If it’s not costing you money, leave it open. The age of your accounts matters!

Monitor credit

Check your credit report for free annually at

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Get Started

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Loan subject to credit approval based on program guidelines and other factors. Two references from different households will be required. Membership eligibility required

Don't Be a Victim!

You need to know about credit union impersonation scams so you can avoid becoming a victim of these nefarious tactics.

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