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Fraud Fighter’s Corner: ATM Smarts

By Ashleigh, K-Staff

Did you know that identity theft and financial fraud losses totaled upwards of $16 billion in 2016?

Yes, billion with a ‘B’. And that total is increasing.
Do you know your debit card PIN? Of course you do. Does anyone else? Your PIN is information that should never be shared with anyone, not even a friend or family member, and should never be written down. Even the best technology can’t protect your accounts if your card number and PIN fall into the wrong hands.
And while you’re at the ATM, keep an eye out for this latest scam. You’re approached outside your credit union or bank, or at an ATM, and someone asks you to deposit a check for them into your account, then withdraw the deposited amount to effective cash their check for them.

A few days later, you’re notified that the check bounced—you’re on the hook for the whole amount. Your willingness to help someone cost you big-time.
A legitimate check can be cashed at a variety of places. There’s no reason anyone would need to approach a stranger to complete the task. If you find yourself a target of this scam, do not comply with the request, and report the incident to your credit union right away.
  • DON’T write your PIN down.
  • DON’T share your PIN. 
  • DON’T cash checks for others.
  • DO be aware of your surroundings when entering your number at an ATM or other keypad.

If you need help or have a question, contact our Member Contact Center at 1-800-880-5328.


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