Kirtland CU’s 2023 Annual Membership Meeting will be held Tuesday, March 21 at our Gibson branch at 4:30 p.m. Click here for complete details.

We have engaged FORVIS, LLP (Attn: Jeff Rosno, 1801 California Street , Ste. 2900, Denver, CO 80202) to perform member verifications. Kindly compare the balance of your accounts on your December 2022 statement WITH YOUR RECORDS. If balances do not agree, please address your discrepancies directly to FORVIS, LLP. Include your name, truncated account number, and an explanation of the difference noted.  A reply is not considered necessary unless a difference is noted.

The credit union is experiencing technical difficulties. We greatly appreciate your patience.

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Take Control with Card Management


You stop for your usual morning coffee, reach into your wallet for your debit or credit card…and it’s not there. Panic sets in. Did you leave it in your pocket yesterday, at the restaurant last night, or has it been stolen? You’re worried, but don’t want to cancel the card too soon (what a pain!)

Now, with Card Management in your Online and Mobile Banking account, you can activate and deactivate your debit or credit card instantly, report a card lost or stolen, or set alerts and travel notifications to help you keep tabs on your account—from anywhere!

Check out your Card Management tools today in your Online or Mobile Banking account.


Lost My Debit or Credit Card

No worries! Turning your card off temporarily is as quick as logging into your Online or Mobile Banking account and clicking a toggle switch to temporarily deactivate your card. If you find your card later, you can easily activate the card again. If not, it’s simple to cancel the card right from Card Management. And since Card Management lets you manage both your credit AND debit card, you’re covered!

Set Travel Notices

Card companies these days do all they can to prevent fraudulent activity. One marker of potential fraud is a sudden appearance of purchases in a location outside your normal spending zone (say, your city). Unfortunately, that’s also a hallmark of a good vacation. To prevent automatic shut-offs of your card, you can alert Kirtland FCU when you’re getting ready to head out on a trip. With a travel notice in place, you should experience uninterrupted service with your cards while on your trip. Set a travel notice in seconds with Card Management!

Set Alerts

Catching fraud early is key to limiting losses. One easy way is alerts! Set alerts for spending categories, block foreign transactions, and more. Alerts are also a great way to keep you on track with your monthly budget. Set spending alerts to either block the card or notify you when your spending threshold is reached. Click ‘Delivery Options’ to choose how you’d like to be notified: SMS; e-mail; or another type of notification.

2023 Annual Meeting

Join us at our 2023 Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 21 at our Gibson Branch at 4:30 p.m.

Can't be there in person? Register to view online! Click Learn More for more details.

Kirtland CU Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking will be unavailable on Sunday, December 11 between 12:30 – 7:30 a.m. as we perform system maintenance.